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ZK-Y1200 CNC  Drilling Center
Model: ZK-Y1200
MOQ: 1 set
Trading  terms: FOB/EXW
Port: Foshan
Payment terms: T/T or Cash
Voltage: AC380V/50HZ/3Phase
Product Introduction


Six sided drilling machine is mainly used for horizontal,vertical drilling and slotting in   various types of artificial panels, with small power spindle for slotting, solid wood

panels, etc. Simple operation, fast drilling processing speed, with small spindle slotting,

it is suitable for processing all kinds of modular cabinet-type furniture. Six-sided

drilling   machine can fix the workpiece in one clamping and multi face machining.  

It simplifies the overall machining process of the workpiece, simplifies the process,

improves the machining efficiency. It has also completely solved the problem that the

complicated workpiece needs the error caused by multiple clamping, which reduces

the work difference and improves the machining precision.


More Details

YZZ-1200 全自动数控钻孔机 一诺纵横 细节图 水印.jpg

Technical Data


Max positioning speedX aixs130m/min gripper moving
Y aixs85m/min drill center moving
A aixs60m/min
Z aixs35m/min upper and lower drill center
Upper and lower drilling assembly unitUpper drill center12pcs (Vertical drilling) + 12pcs( Horizontal drilling)
Lower drill center16pcs(Vertical drilling)
Drilling unit motor power2.2kw(upper drilling unit)+2.2KW(lower drilling unit) 4000rpm

Boring and Milling spindle

Spindle formEr32
Drill bit diameter φ10mm
Spindle motor power3.5kw(upper spindle)+2.2KW(lower spindle)
Spindle speed18000rpm
Processing size rangeMin panel width50mm
Max panel width1200mm
Min panel length250mm
Max panel thickness50mm
Worktable height920mm
Air consumption0.6-0.8Mpa
Total motor power 18kw
Weight of machine 4500kg
Overall size (L×W×H) 4750×2880×2050mm

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