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MJ45B Precision Sliding Table Saw
Model: MJ45B
MOQ: 1 set
Trading  terms: FOB/EXW
Port: Foshan
Payment terms: T/T or Cash
Voltage: AC380V/50HZ/3Phase
Product Introduction


This sliding table saw for processing a variety of MDF, particleboards, woodbased panels, AB

S boards, PVC boards, organic glass plates and solid wood and other wood similar to the hard

ness of the plate



Model Details



The guide rail using high chrome steel , which improve working precision and extends service

life. Sliding table have super-wide working table, making boardsuporting more stable,   with  

multipoint locking , improving work effeciency greatly .

Main Features

1. All our sliding table sawuse heavy duty round tracks, it guarantees the table shape not chan

ged after long time work.

2. Special own technology, guaranteed the cutting angle precision.

3. All our products new and high quality metal, our saw weight is much more than other same

model. It’s important to avoid vibration for processing.

4. Fixed 380V motor for both main saw and scoring saw, no need voltage change, motor is not

easy broken.

5. Our electric display for the tilt degrees is 100% accurate, which can’t be achived by most

China panel saw manufactures.

6. Our newest model cutting tolerance is less than 0.1mm, other factories can guarantee max.

0.05mm tolerance range.

7. From 2800mm to 3800mm long, from 330mm to 380mm width, with and without protection

cover, both long and short spindle, we manufacture wide range and quality panel saws.

Technical Data

Max cutting length2800mm/3000mm/3200mm
Max cutting thickness75mm
Saw blade tilt45°
Main saw blade sizeΦ305×Φ30mm
Scoring saw blade sizeΦ120×Φ20mm
Main saw spindle speed4000/5000rpm
Scoring saw spindle speed9000r/min
Total power6.6kw
Dust outlet diameterΦ100×1
Overall dimensions3450×3050×1150mm
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